Dräenk Reusable Straw Necklaces!

Started by Danielle and Clayton in 2018, the Dräenk project began as a late night conversation about the banning of plastic straws. There had been lots in the news about what their home of Portland, Oregon and the rest of the world was doing about it. 

Seattle was first. Then came Starbucks. San Francisco followed. The plastic straw ban is gaining steam. Dräenk was born when Elsener was looking for a reusable straw she wouldn’t forget at home. Around Portland, many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops were switching to paper straws that easily fell apart while drinking. Not ideal for enjoying a summer beverage! A slim metal straw struck her as decorative, “like some minimalist jewelry you could see an Instagram girl wearing.” She began by picking up the parts; the first straws, all eight-inch stainless steel tubes, came from a kitchen shop around the corner on Northwest 23rd, and the sterling silver chains from a nearby jewelry shop. She made made a few prototypes, learning to solder in the process. There was an immediate positive response when wearing the new creation around town. This led to a few custom orders from friends, then ramping up of production to the level Dräenk is currently at. All of the reusable straw necklaces are made by hand in Portland, OR by Clayton and Danielle.

Danielle is a zero waste fashion designer by trade and Clayton is an entrepreneur that makes locally forged carbon fiber products. Together they pulled together the resources and knowledge to kick off this new venture.